Your business priorities
 DEFINED, Improved, Sustained.

Deliver amazing value to your organization by combining business strategy, business process optimization, and performance scorecard reporting.


A complete business system comprised of purpose-built technology and proven methodologies.  IEE helps your business deliver real value by combining business strategy, business process optimization, and performance reporting.


Support your core business efforts by monitoring your key performance indicators across business units and disparate IT systems.


You can enhance the delivery of products, services, and solutions to your customers. Maintain your competitive edge.


Reveal how your business is performing on its core mission. Gain actionable, powerful insights to drive constant improvement.


An integrative approach to generating actionable performance reports for your business from Smarter Solutions, Inc.®

Advanced Reporting

IEE scorecards give senior executives the visibility they need to predict the potential benefits and risks to the business & prioritize investment strategies.

Strong Foundation

IEE is a product of Smarter Solutions, a thought leader in helping organizations efficiently and effectively implement organizational business process improvement efforts for over 20 years.

Core Value-Focused

IEE is a holistic process combined with enterprise-class technology that delivers real value by combining business strategy, business process optimization and predictive performance reporting

How it works

Not just software, but a holistic, comprehensive approach to achieving sustainable excellence.

Step 1: We Understand Who You Are and What You Do

• We understand the organization’s mission and vision.
• Together, we identify performance metrics, organizational activities and processes the organization performs to deliver valued products and services to its customers.
• We come to a mutual understanding of the business’ constraints, competition and challenges.

Step 2: Develop a Long-term System of Continuous Improvement

• We identify specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and time-based financial goals.
• Together, we create targeted strategies that are aligned with the business’ goals.
• We design targeted operational metric improvement goals and projects in support of defined strategies.

Step 3: Sustain Your Past, Present and Future Success Measures

• We implement specific projects in support of identified improvement opportunities aimed at: a) improving essential business processes, b) identifying or mitigating risk and/or c) creating a competitive advantage.
• Together, we evaluate the benefits delivered by the improvement projects.
• Finally, we focus on continuous improvement measures and controls aimed at sustaining benefits realized through this methodology.


What are people saying about the IEE method?
Integrated Enterprise Excellence is an over-arching system that aligns continuous improvement activities with the broader goals of the organization. It draws upon the Lean Six Sigma improvement methodology and augments it with a variety of other proven techniques to equip the practitioner with the skills necessary to accomplish meaningful change within their organization.

Scott Penner - GO Productivity

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