The Integrated Enterprise Excellence System Overview

Not just software, but an integrated, comprehensive approach to achieving sustainable excellence


Our IEE system consists of a mature consulting model and purpose-built software designed to help you:

  • Align business improvement efforts with your company’s top priorities and core values
  • Develop a long-term system of continuous improvement
  • Sustain the gains achieved by maintaining a continuous focus on your most important success measures

The following depicts a generic six step use case of the Enterprise Performance Reporting System (or EPRS) to provide you with a general understanding of the capabilities and benefits of the technology offering.



Logging in to the EPRS system is easy.  Password recovery and resets are automated via a the traditional email verification method. Follow the six steps below to get an idea of how you might use the EPRS system!







Executive Dashboard

Immediately after logging in, the EPRS system displays your default dashboard. The dashboard can be configured to track your most important business metrics.






A value chain is simply the set of activities your company performs in order to deliver valuable products and/or services to your customers. The EPRS system allows you to quickly create and then edit your value chain.

You select the your desired value chain to continue the process.








Once your value chain has loaded, you then select a specific business operations area. This gives you the ability to evaluate key processes and performance metrics.

You select a specific business operations area to manage its processes and metrics.





You are now using the EPRS flowchart designer to document an important business process.

You build out your process using this tool.







You have now developed a detailed business process relevant to the area of the value chain you selected previously.




You have already configured your desired metrics and are now able to generate targeted scorecards relevant to the business process you just created.

The EPRS system produces predictive performance reports enabling your managers to:

  • Know the stability, predictability (and therefore, reliability) of mission-critical business processes
  • Quantify the benefits of improvement projects
  • Predict the potential benefits and risks to the business
  • Prioritize investment strategies so that only the most important improvements projects are undertaken


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