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Positive Metrics - Poor Business Performance

In an organization, performance metrics should lead to the most appropriate actions or non-actions.  Measurements are typically presented as a table of numbers, stoplight scorecards, or time-series charts.  Do these forms of reports result in a good decision-making process or lead to unintended consequences that result in unhealthy, if not destructive, behaviors?  Unfortunately, these forms of report-outs can result in playing games with the numbers or firefighting a problem that appears to be resolved but only reoccurs. Click the button to download the full article.




IEE Book Series

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In this business management book series, an enhanced system is described which integrates scorecards with strategy creation and improvement projects. Reference is given to a complete five-book series on this Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) system.

IEE is a business management measurement and improvement system that builds on and expands the capabilities of previous disciplines. IEE is a comprehensive system enabling proactive management of key business metrics and profitable financial results. The referenced five books on this IEE system provide the details of implementing and integrating predictive scorecards, analytically/innovatively determined strategies, improvement efforts that positively impact the enterprise as a whole. Click the buy now button for attractive pricing on the IEE volume set. Use code “fb2016” for additional price breaks on already discounted material!